Welcome to self-learning sessions

5 August 2013Posted by Sumitra Kan Fong Kuen


This is the tutorial , the self-help guide that is aimed at helping you to author your own web-based learning package. We shall focus on free application softwares which may be helpful in authoring the web-based learning packages such as KompoZer, Audacity, Photo Pos Pro, HotPotatoes, Lecturescribe, etc.

You may click on the navigation buttons on the left panel to open the pages which provide the information regarding how to use certain available features of that application softwares to perform the relevant tasks.

The "Read more" section provides hyperlinks to websites of other resources for additional information.

multimedia interactive learning resources

5 August 2013Posted by Sumitra Kan Fong Kuen


Wouldn't it be wonderful if the learners may learn certain topics or attaining skills through a series of learning materrials which will provide the the guided self-leraning sessions that provide tutorial, practice,  feedback as well as  letting the learners to excercise certain level of control over how much and how soon one should learn?

The incorporation of the multimedia elements make the presentation more appealing and provides richer and various forms of stimulants which helps the learners have a more thourough overview of the topic with supporting evidence, examples and non-examples. It thus provide more keys to retrieve information acquired throughdifferent sensory registers.

Bass(2003) gave the definition of interactive multimedia materials as:

",,,interactive multimedia is defined by three criteria:

  • Interactive Multimedia is any package of materials that includes some combination of texts, graphics, still images, animation, video, and audio;
  • These materials are packaged, integrated, and linked together in some way that offers users the ability to browse, navigate and analyze these materials through various searching and indexing features, as well as the capacity to annotate or personalize these materials;
  • Interactive multimedia is always "reader-centered." In interactive multimedia, the reader contols the experience of reading the material by being able to select among multiple choices, choosing unique paths and sequences through the materials. One of the key features of interactive multimedia is the ability to navigate through material in whatever ways are most meaningful for individual users."

Web-based learning resources

5 August 2013Posted by Sumitra Kan Fong Kuen


Web-based learning refers to the integration of ICT in the learning process whereby the learners may obtain training resources online at any time and at any place so long as the access to the Internet or Intranet services are available.

It has the benefit of getting resources which may be accessible and availabel across various platform in the format which is compatible with most browsers and computer irrespective of the operating systems and application available.The learner may use any browser to view HTML file as well as the presentation which is presentedin the format of SWF file, without worry ing about the MS Office 2007 application softwares may not support certain features available in the 2010 or even 2013 version. 

The trainers too may edit and update the learning resources as frequently as possible and will be abel to update the information quickly to enable the learners accessing the latest version as soon as possible.