Tutorial on Creating Autorun CDs or DVDs

31 August 2013Posted by Sumitra Kan Fong Kuen


Creating Autorun CDs or DVDs

You may create an auto run CD or DVD that may starts to browse the index page of the multimedia interactive eLearing package as soon as you insert your CD or DVD.

You may achieve this by following the following steps:

  1. Reestablish your hyperlinks by changing the path of all the navigational buttons or hyperlinks that begin with "http://www.jtppismp.com/jtp009/yourfilename/..." to straight away the ( "foldername/filename" if it is contained in the subfolder) html file name.
  2. Prepare the autorun features with the AUTORUN.EXE (or AutotunPro.exe) and autorun.inf.
  3. Copy the autorun features under the root directory, i.e. NOT inside any subfolder.
  4. Burn your CD.


You may choose to hide the autorun features as hidden files. You may:

  • highlight to choose the files, right click the mouse and choose properties, Click to check the "Hidden" attribute. Click "Apply" and then click "OK"

Tutorial  on creating Autorun CDs or DVDs in the SWF format:

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Creatug the Au
torun CD or DVD